NEW!! Ultimate 12-Minute Goalie Warm Up.

It is finally finished!!  I am letting you guys in on it first at only $37 – my business coach has not had a chance to check out the sales copy yet, so he will probably want me to make some changes – inlcuding bumping up the price.  Oh well, for now it is $37!

If you do not already have your copy of the Ultimate Goalie Training system I have bundled the two together and you will end up getting the Ultimate 12-Minute Goalie Warm-Up, the Ultimate Goalie Training System and all of the bonuses.  When you purchase this goalie domination bundle you save $37, so the new dynamic warm-up is basically free.  To access the bundled package just click on one of the ‘buy now’ buttons on the Ultimate 12-Minute Goalie Warm Up home page and you will be automatically linked to the home page of the combo.

Basically this is a 12-minute dynamic warm up that you will complete before games and practices.  The benefits of a dynamic warm up are:

  • enhanced neuromuscular activation
  • your muscles are ready to stretch and shorten quickly the way you need them in a game.  Static stretching does not do this
  • you do not decrease the force production capacity of your muscles the way you will with static stretching

If you think your pre-game warm-up could be better.  If you are willing to make a small change in your pre-game routine to become a better goalie, then go check out the Ultimate 12-Minute Goalie Warm-Up.   I created this product because lots of you have asked me questions about warm-up.  I hope it helps.  Please let me know what other questions you have by posting a comment below.


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Maria Mountain

Maria Mountain is a Fitness Coach and the owner of Revolution Conditioning in London, Ontario. She helps hockey players from AAA to professionals compete at their highest level while reducing their risk of injury. Dedicated to athletes who want to work hard, but train smart.

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