Hockey Goalie Training: NEW! Use This To Finish Your Workout

Hockey Goalie Training: New Finishers

tough hockey goalie trainingOver the next few weeks I will post some metabolic finishers that you can add to your hockey goalie training.  Don’t worry, I have some for you skaters as well, I will post them on the ‘skaters’ portion of

Basically, a finisher is just that – it is something you add to the end of your workout.  I would not use these every day, but twice a week will add a nice dose of fatigue tolerance training which will help you stay strong through the third and even into overtime.  These workouts are tough – you should be completely gas’ed by the end.  I have put the number of sets and reps in the video.

Make sure you do the exercises back to back – if you must, you can rest 60 seconds between sets, but I want you to work your way up to the point where you can do all four sets in a row without stopping – I told you it would be tough!

  •  LOW – hip shift
  • LOW – overhead press
  • LOW – diagonal chop

Metabolic Finisher For Hockey Goalie Training

Happy training gang!

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