New! Multiplanar Core Stabilization Exercise For Skaters And Goalies

EOTW: Tall Kneeling Cable Lift

The PlankNow that we don’t do crunches or Russian twists in your off-ice hockey training anymore, I see a lot skaters and goalies getting stagnant with the variety of exercises in their program – much like I described HERE.  You see players do planks, planks and more planks.

I like the plank, it is a great exercise, but today I have a more dynamic, upright core stabilization exercise for you.  You can use either a cable or resistance bungee to do the exercise.

Here’s How To Do It (VIDEO)

If you cannot see the video above, simply click on the link below

Key Points…

  • Take a tall kneeling position, do not sit back in the hips and do not hyper-extend your lower back
  • Pull with your outside arm until your hands are adjacent to your opposite arm pit
  • Do not let your shoulders or torso rotate
  • Push upward so your upper arm will be just under your nose in the finish position
  • At this stage only go as far as you can without rotating your torso
  • Only use a load that lets you maintain proper form – start at 15lbs or so

How Much? How Many?

Do 2-3 set of 8-12 on each side – remember do not start heavy.

You can add this exercise to your off-ice hockey training workout once or twice per week to spice it up a little.


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Play-offs will be here before you know it – here’s what you can do to be ready.


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