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Searching the way to success concept, isolated with clipping patThis time of year I get flooded with emails from players who are ready to dominate next season and they want to know where to start.  So I give them my advice and most of them go ahead, follow the recipe and dominate.

Some of them don’t like the advice, because it is not what they have done before (the training that didn’t give them the results they wanted – which is why they came looking for me in the first place).  Yes, change is hard, I get it.

But for those of you who are interested in getting a point in the right direction or just following the recipe –which by the way works and has worked for hundreds, if not thousands of other players – then keep reading.

If you just want the recipe…

Then here is a breakdown of my done-for-you training programs and it explains the who I designed each program for and how it fits into the overall scheme…

  • Goalies click HERE
  • Skaters click HERE

If you want to try and piece something together yourself…

Here are some articles that will help point you in the right direction.

  • This is a free sample off-season workout – CLICK HERE
  • Does your off-season workout look like THIS?
  • What comes first – the Heirarchy Of Goalie Training – CLICK HERE
  • The pyramid of success – sample training split – HERE

Now, if you are just starting your off-season, remember that building the foundation is the key right now.  Please do not fall into the trap of feeling like you always have to be training to the point of collapse in order to be getting benefit.

Your training is not penance for letting in too may third period goals or getting lazy on the back check half way through the season – the idea is to make you a better hockey player.  So take your time to build that foundation of mobility and stability.  Let your body get used to running and off-ice agility drills again by focusing on using the right technique.

This is some of your most important training of the off-season and if you skip it now, you cannot ‘make up for it’ later.  You will become another one of those players who ‘works hard’ but never sees the benefit on the ice.

Happy training!

Get 3 FREE months of Goalie Workout Club when you sign up for the RRGT 2.0 before Sunday night.  CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS

Get 3 FREE months of Goalie Workout Club when you sign up for the RRGT 2.0 before Sunday night. CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS

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