EOTW: The Bobrovsky Shuffle


A couple of weeks ago Steven Shields asked me via his Facebook page how the heck Sergei Bobrovsky made THIS move…

If you cannot see the video above, click here

My initial thinking was ‘magic’.

Definitely Magic!

But that didn’t seem like it would probably fly for his group of passionate goalies, so I watched it about 2,341 times and decided that it really was magic, but you could probably recreate it by working on some of these exercises…

  • Half Kneeling C Cut
  • Wide Half Kneeling Push Lateral – don’t forget to use different angles
  • BG Resisted Wide Half Kneeling Push Lateral

Here’s Exactly How To Do Them

If you cannot see the video above, click here

How Many Should You Do?

Ultimately you will need a lot of strength in your adductors, hip extensors, hip stabilizers and torso stabilizers, so your goal is to get a fairly heavy resistance with lower volume, BUT since you are in such a different position, with very poor leverage, start with a light load and slightly higher reps then work your way down.

I suggest three sets:athlete

1st set = 10 reps with very light resistance

2nd set = 6 reps with slightly more resistance

3rd set = 4 reps with slightly more resistance

Listen To Your Hips

As always, listen to your body – this exercise is not for everyone. If you are not doing any goalie specific off-ice training right now, this is NOT for you. You need to start by building your foundation of mobility, stability and strength, then move on to these complex movements.

Happy training!


PS – check back later in the week and I will tell you what I drank that got me a stern look from my friend the Registered Dietician 🙂

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