Part 2: CP Balance – it starts at the hips.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 5.30.44 AMAs promised, here is the follow up video that goes with the the conversation I had with Thomas Magnusson where we discussed the secret behind Carey Price’s balance and power.

See for yourself:

  • What neutral pelvis is
  • How to find it
  • How it helps you cut down the amount of net the shooter sees
  • Why this small change can save your hips

If you cannot see the video in the player above, just click the link below…

That’s it for today – going to sneak in my workout now, quick shower and breakfast and then off to the First Niagara Center to see how I can help the Sabres goalies win more games with fewer injuries.  Gonna be an awesome day!


PS – I will be focusing on these things with the Sabres goalies for their in-season training; are you focusing on them too?

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