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I sent out a video from the first UGT Live out to members of the Insiders List at the other day and it was a big hit!  The event was held in Vancouver a couple years ago – last year’s was held right here in London, Ontario and this years will be here too!

The video the other day was the session where I dispelled the most popular goalie training myths and gave you my stamina training secrets.  It got such a good response that I decided to share another instalment with you, this time zeroing in on strength and speed training for goalies.

If at anytime watching that video you thought, that would be awesome, I wish I could go to something like that – – you can. When I checked last, there were still 5 spots left in this years UGT Live next month.  It is a very small group event, so that is why the space is so limited and quite a few of the goalies who came last year snapped up the first spots.

Here are all the details if you are interested…Ultimate Goalie Training Live 2016


PS – if you are thinking that you will wait until next year, don’t.  I am 99% sure that I will start running it every other year because as the demand for my services increases from year to year, it gets harder to make the time to organize the event – I really enjoy the day, but there is a lot that goes in to getting it all set up 🙂


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Maria Mountain

Maria Mountain is a Fitness Coach and the owner of Revolution Conditioning in London, Ontario. She helps hockey players from AAA to professionals compete at their highest level while reducing their risk of injury. Dedicated to athletes who want to work hard, but train smart.

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