1 of 8 Essential Exercises For Every Goalie

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You will not be surprised that three of the Essential 8 For Goalies are related to hip mobility.  Not only is mobility (which is flexibility + control) a key ingredient to success on the ice, developing the right type of mobility is also a must for long term hip health.

Today I am sharing one that is pretty different – you will be surprised at how tough it is to do slowly and with control – you will definitely tip over a few times.  But you will also have a  – I promise.

Here’s how to do it…

Start with two on each side – remember to go slowly.

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Maria Mountain

Maria Mountain is a Fitness Coach and the owner of Revolution Conditioning in London, Ontario. She helps hockey players from AAA to professionals compete at their highest level while reducing their risk of injury. Dedicated to athletes who want to work hard, but train smart.

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