Q&A – tourney nutrition, InSeason Training, hip pain

Had a great Facebook Live Q&A yesterday.  I was surprised by the turn out I got at noon on a Wednesday – thinking a few of you were supposed to be ‘working’ – – ha ha.

I will move the day and time around, mainly based on my schedule, but also to give you a chance to get on live as well.  Great questions as always crew!

Here’s the video replay…

Topic | Location in Video
Introduction | 0:00-3:02
Inadequate Hip, Knee & Ankle Mobility | 3:02-5:23
Pinch at Bend in Front of Hip in Butterfly/Reverse VH | 5:23-7:35
56-Year-Old Goalie Wants to be Better to Continue Playing another 20 Years | 7:35-8:48
Goalie Exercises for Sitting at a Desk | 8:48-9:52
Stretching/Training Exercises for Kids up to 14 Years Old | 9:52-12:00
Youth Goalie Food Intake & Workout Plan | 12:00-13:56
Types of Workouts for In-Season | 13:56-17:01
Youth Upper Body Workouts to Increase Shot Power | 17:01-19:49
Strength Exercises/Stretches to get Comfortable in Reverse VH | 19:49-21:14
Youth Nutrition Plan for a Tournament Critique | 21:14-26:35
Out of Shape, Inflexible College Goalie | 26:35-27:12
Testimonial | 27:12-27:39
Emerson’s Question About Switching Programs/Biking | 27:39-30:10
Realistic Body Fat Percentage for 44-Year-Old | 30:10-31:18
How to Quickly Recover from Muscle Cramping | 31:18-32:48
Best Nutrition Resource | 32:48-34:21
Games Per Year 12-Year-Old Goalie Should Play | 34:21-34:44
Best Exercise for Goalie to Increase Speed | 34:44-36:43
Locker Room Warm-Up for Hips/Hand-Eye Coordination | 36:43-37:55
Meditation for Teams | 37:55-39:24
Best Way to Protect the Hips of Young Goalies | 39:24-41:53
See Ya Later! | 41:53-42:15

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