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You don’t know HIP

One of the most frustrating things I see – – and have seen dating back over 15-years to my time working as the exercise specialist at the Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic- – is the lack of regard that you goalies have for your hips. You will wait until they bark and bark at you […]

Top 3 Reasons Goalies Get Injured…

There have been a lot of NHL goalies getting injured so far this season. Some of them expected to miss months of the season. Last season we saw the Carey Price, arguably the NHL’s most consistent goalie miss essentially an entire season. So it raises the question – – “Why do goalies get injured?” Because […]

Pistol Flow For Goalies – hips, legs, core oh my!

Words pretty much cannot describe this advanced mobility drill for goalies, so you better start off by watching the video, then I will come back to give you the key points… You will notice that I call this a Mobility Drill, which is one of the foundations of my MS3 Method of off-ice development. The […]

Does Size Really Matter? The NHL perspective.

I hopped on the phone with my friend Mike Valley who is the Director of Goaltending for the Dallas Stars to talk goalies and of course we started off by talking about size in goaltenders. Remember when you were either a big blocking goaltender or a smaller, agile goalie? Well, Mike makes it very clear […]

A 3-Year Goal Missed By 4 Seconds.

Yes, I was pissed.  I looked at my watch and could not believe it! 1:50:03? Are you kidding me? Then for about half a second, I was like, “well, that is pretty good, it was raining and the temperature got pretty warm, that is pretty good”. I will agree that it is pretty good, but […]

The speed to compete (and full front flip)

When I saw this video the first time my heart lept up into my throat TWICE! Once when I saw Turning Pro goalie Carter Hutton actually beat the Sabres d-man to the puck and the second time when I saw him do a full front flip in all his gear. Well, technically, I guess it […]

Essential Home Gym For Hockey Players

When I get asked about buying this new cool gadget for off-ice training at home, I always ask “what do you have right now?”. Some of you are looking to buy a TRX, Slideboard, Balance Board, Rebounder, BOSU, you name it, so you can workout at home. Although I really like the TRX and I […]

Another Hip Strengthening Mobility Drill For Goalies

Just to recap… Mobility = Flexibility + Stability This is why those goalies who just do static stretching to get a wider butterfly flare, deeper splits and more athletic movement in the crease end up frustrated because although they make marginal improvements, they never get a significant return on their investment. Have you ever tried […]

Universal Success Secrets…

The Turning Pro coaching program has grown since it started back in 2015. Part of the reason it has grown so quickly is that I LOVE it. Having the opportunity to help goalies achieve their goals and live their dreams is awesome… Getting messages like this… I literally got those two messages within 24 hours […]

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