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Universal Success Secrets…

The Turning Pro coaching program has grown since it started back in 2015. Part of the reason it has grown so quickly is that I LOVE it. Having the opportunity to help goalies achieve their goals and live their dreams is awesome… Getting messages like this… I literally got those two messages within 24 hours […]

IT IS Time… your In-Season Focus Four

Unless you are an NHL, AHL or ECHL goalie who is heading into or just started training camp, NOW is the time to get going on your in-season training. I know it takes a little time to get back into the routine of team games, practices and school, but it is almost October, it isn’t […]

Q&A – tennis elbow, recovery tips, slow cardio & more

Hey gang, Rachel here (Maria’s Super-Awesome Assistant!). If you missed out on Maria’s Facebook Live Hockey Skater & Goalie Q&A yesterday afternoon, fear not! I have the video for you right here: Also, in case you’re pressed for time on this beautiful Friday afternoon, below are the topics discussed along with where you can find […]

Q&A – tourney nutrition, InSeason Training, hip pain

Had a great Facebook Live Q&A yesterday.  I was surprised by the turn out I got at noon on a Wednesday – thinking a few of you were supposed to be ‘working’ – – ha ha. I will move the day and time around, mainly based on my schedule, but also to give you a […]

The Next Big Thing In Goalie Development

Although I could not attend the Network Goaltending Symposium in Madison, Wisconsin this past weekend and also had to pull the chute on sticking around for the NHL Goalie camp afterward (still trying to iron out the details of crossing the border to share my expertise), I did send along my presentations in video format […]

Recovery Plan For Tryouts & Training Camps

Keep this simple, it does not have to be complex, it is a lot like proper nutrition, just get the basics down first and then you can start to get into the fancy stuff. If you aren’t covering the basics, working on the gimmicky stuff is a waste of time. So, here is your recovery […]

Your Pre-Season Strength & Power Plan

If you have not been working on your strength and power during the off-season and you will be hitting the ice with your team in the next two weeks, now would not be the time to start hitting the gym hard. Instead see my advice on what goalies should do who have not been working […]

Pre-Season Speed/Stamina

If you have not been doing any speed or stamina training on a consistent basis during the off-season, don’t start now. In the week or two before training camp, you won’t be able to make THAT much improvement, you will increase your risk of injury and you will increase your fatigue. That is a loss […]

Pre-Season Flexibility

Happy Monday and welcome to Pre-Season week.  That’s right, the theme for this week’s goalie training articles is what to do during the pre-season as you get into try-outs, practices and eventually games. If you have been following a program like Shutout Academy or UGT 3.0, then you are all good – just keep going […]

How Laser Focused Training Works

I have mentioned it a few times in the last week and so naturally there have been more questions. Probably my fault for confusing you because on one hand I tell you that you cannot “accelerate your gains” or “supercharge your training” two weeks before the season starts. But then I talk about you can […]

Q&A – Plan To Supercharge Training Before The Season

The words are different, but the question is the same. Some of you are sending me detailed plans of how you intend to ‘make up for lost time’, ‘supercharge your training’, or ‘fill up the tank’ before the season starts. One of you actually told me that you were going to train from 9am-5pm, like […]