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Q&A: Front Squats, Cardio For Goalies, Rest Between Sets

Dug deep into the mail bag to answer some of your questions from the comfort of our back deck yesterday afternoon.  Still basking in the glow of the U2 concert at Madison Square Garden on Friday night (I will tell you about that in a second). Watch the video below if you ever get sore […]

How goalies get deeper splits

I took to social media a couple weeks ago asking the goalies in the Twittersphere (@goalietraining if you want to follow) and on Facebook what they wanted me to shoot a video on – how to get deeper splits or a wider butterfly flare. They spoke loud and clear and the splits won (I’m not surprised). So […]

This helps you move quicker in the crease

If you have ever learned a language, you know there is a big difference between reading from the book and actually carrying on a conversation.  In the book everything is predictable, you work on one thing at a time.  When holding a conversation, it is free to go any direction. The goalie agility drill I […]

How Hockey Goalies Snap Their Hips Around For Lateral Crease Movement

  This one comes from our on-ice session with Future Pro’s Jason VanSpronsen and the Sarnia Sting’s Justin Fazio. I asked Jason for some of the most common goaltending flaws that he sees on the ice and this was a big one! Leaving the hips behind… As Jason explains below, too many of you lead […]

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