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Home Workout For Goalies – No Equipment

I want to make it simple for you to achieve your goals (it won’t be easy, because you have to do the work).  I also want to make it simple for you to see whether you really WANT what you think you want. Here’s how I am going to do it. I am going to remove […]

Another Hip Strengthening Mobility Drill For Goalies

Just to recap… Mobility = Flexibility + Stability This is why those goalies who just do static stretching to get a wider butterfly flare, deeper splits and more athletic movement in the crease end up frustrated because although they make marginal improvements, they never get a significant return on their investment. Have you ever tried […]

Universal Success Secrets…

The Turning Pro coaching program has grown since it started back in 2015. Part of the reason it has grown so quickly is that I LOVE it. Having the opportunity to help goalies achieve their goals and live their dreams is awesome… Getting messages like this… I literally got those two messages within 24 hours […]

IT IS Time… your In-Season Focus Four

Unless you are an NHL, AHL or ECHL goalie who is heading into or just started training camp, NOW is the time to get going on your in-season training. I know it takes a little time to get back into the routine of team games, practices and school, but it is almost October, it isn’t […]

Q&A – tennis elbow, recovery tips, slow cardio & more

Hey gang, Rachel here (Maria’s Super-Awesome Assistant!). If you missed out on Maria’s Facebook Live Hockey Skater & Goalie Q&A yesterday afternoon, fear not! I have the video for you right here: Also, in case you’re pressed for time on this beautiful Friday afternoon, below are the topics discussed along with where you can find […]

Q&A – tourney nutrition, InSeason Training, hip pain

Had a great Facebook Live Q&A yesterday.  I was surprised by the turn out I got at noon on a Wednesday – thinking a few of you were supposed to be ‘working’ – – ha ha. I will move the day and time around, mainly based on my schedule, but also to give you a […]

Reducing the severity of concussion

I want to be very clear, this is a prototype and the data thus far is pilot data, which does look promising, but it is not statistically significant – yet.  Understand? But I wanted to share the tool we have been using this off-season to help our athletes reduce the incidence and severity of concussion. […]