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High Intensity Interval Training for Hockey

Without turning the post into a literature review, I hope that you are getting the idea that long steady state cardio training is not only mind numbingly boring, but also not your most effective way to develop aerobic or anaerobic power. If I told you that you could get more benefit from your hockey training […]

Q&A: Two key nutrients to fuel your hockey games

Today, I dove into the mailbag for a little Q&A and this question was about pre-game nutrition from a player who was constantly losing focus and running out of gas during the third period – not good!

There could be several reasons for this including: fitness and conditioning, recovery and nutrition. This one was a simple one to figure out, it was related to nutrition for sure. This player was making a mistake that I see all the time, he was not getting these two key nutrients in his pre-game routine.

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