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NEW! Comprehensive Stretching Program for Goalies

Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone – I have eaten enough to last me the next month probably.  I actually dug out my business coach Craig Ballantyne’s Simple Meals manual this morning to get back into a healthy eating routine.  Like rehab for gluttony 🙂  I’ll let you know how it goes. Don’t get […]

Sport Specific Training for Hockey

Like many great debates, much of it comes down to semantics.  People attach their own definitions to terms, yet argue using the same words.  So my definition of ‘hockey specific’ training may be something like “training which enhances an athlete’s ability to succeed in a hockey while reducing their risk of injury”.  To another coach […]

One Leg Exercise Every Hockey Player Should Abandon (and what to do instead)

Before I get talking about leg exercises for hockey players, in particular the one you probably do but should abandon, I want to let you know about a few changes you may have noticed on the site.  Basically, now that Tyler has joined the coaching team at Revolution Conditioning, I have more time to work […]