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Wonder if Luongo ever tries this?

I find the pre-season fascinating for a few reasons 1) I have to anxiously wait to see how the athletes I train over the summer are doing at their pro camps and 2) there are always lots of tweaks and strains that pop up and this always gets me thinking about the ‘why’. The one that sticks in my head most recently is Luongo’s groin ‘tweak’. I immediately thought back to an article about how Luongo became passionate about road biking this off-season and how he logged 1800km on the bike to help him drop 8lbs of weight. I can’t help but think…hmmmmmmm!

Is goalie specific training a lie?

Okay, here we go again…I was on a forum the other day and one of the guys posted a very thorough post expressing his opinion that there is no such thing as sport specific training. I welcome his opinion and the time he took to create this post, but like most arguments I think it really brings all parties closer together when you define your terms. Let me go over the argument from the training forum before I share my perspective.

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