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You Have An Awesome Hockey Strength & Conditioning Coach When…

You Have An Awesome Hockey Strength and Conditioning Coach When… A week or so ago I posted an article telling you what to look for in an awesome physio for hockey players.  I got a few questions and the majority asked questions about trainers or strength and conditioning coaches, so I thought I would give […]

Scientifically proven method to make you faster on the ice.

Resisted Sprints And Their Application To On & Off Ice Hockey Training I have used resisted sprints for on-ice and off-ice hockey training over the past 10-years.   I thought these training techniques could give players a feel for putting more force into the ice with each stride. I recently stumbled across a research article that […]

You have a great physio for hockey if…

I get asked a lot of injury questions, probably because I spent the five years after completing my Master’s degree working at one of the top sport medicine clinics in Canada.  It’s where I developed my somewhat unique perspective on athlete training. I had a good chance to see which sport physios got great results […]

Q&A: Gym Memberships & Orthotics For Hockey Training

Hope you are all having a great Sunday.  Ours has been fantastic – we went snowboarding at the local ski hill this morning.  I switched back to ‘regular’ and it was much better than my ‘goofy foot’ experiment.  Thanks again Steve at Squire John’s in Collingwood for the advice 🙂  It was an awesome day […]

Off-Ice Hockey Training with Kettlebells: Good or Gimmick?

Off Ice Hockey Training With The Kettlebell: Good or Gimmick I guess when you see a piece of exercise equipment make it into the ‘fitness’ section of the grocery store, it can officially be labeled a ‘trend’. But as we learned from velour leisure suits, not all trends are good. So let’s dive in and […]

Do This Not That: The LUNGE For Off-Ice Hockey Training

I confess, I love the lunge like Bubba in Forest Gump loved shrimp.  You’ve got DB lunges, BB lunges, forward lunges, lateral lunges, lunge to balance….you get the idea and all of these can find their way into your off-ice hockey training program. Do I love some lunges more than others?   Sort of.  It really […]

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