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Key 3 Stretches for Hockey Players (holiday survival guide)

Don’t worry, I am not going to write one of those articles telling you how to survive the holidays by filling up on coconut water and organic pea sprouts instead of partaking in the traditional turkey dinner. Nothing against coconut water or pea sprouts, but c’mon- you’ve waited all year for this!  In terms of […]

Now Is The Perfect Time To Make Your Master Plan

Perfect time to make a Master Plan Sitting on the verge of what we Canucks call “American Thanksgiving” (I imagine Americans just call it plain old Thanksgiving) I can’t help but think how fast this past year has gone. I am thinking that later this week I better get my ‘top 10 gifts for the […]

Research Review: Comparison of stretching protocols on hamstring flexibility

Getting my Masters degree in Kinesiology was a really fun time – except for the times you would get so frustrated by your research project that it would bring you to tears or the fear of being ripped to shreds during your thesis defense or the first time you ever said to an academic panel, […]

Sport Specific Training for Hockey

Like many great debates, much of it comes down to semantics.  People attach their own definitions to terms, yet argue using the same words.  So my definition of ‘hockey specific’ training may be something like “training which enhances an athlete’s ability to succeed in a hockey while reducing their risk of injury”.  To another coach […]