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Top 10 Off-Ice Goalie Drills

Before I get into the goalie drills that will actually help you perform on the ice, I also want to be clear that we are not trying to simply mimic exactly what you do on the ice with your goalie coach. During off-ice goalie training, the goal is to enhance the physical capabilities to execute your movements on the ice with more speed and precision.
Now let’s take a look at the Top 10 Off-Ice Goalie Drills…

The Heirarchy of Goalie Training

Guess I got too much sleep last night because this post, this report over delivers a little on goalie training program design. I am not going to try and sell you on goalie training. I am not going to justify why you can kiss your potential good by if you do not do some goalie training away from the ice. If you are serious about your craft, it is already a part of your routine and I have already written dozens of articles about the key exercises that need to be a part of any successful off ice goalie training program.

My purpose today is to establish the hierarchy of goalie training. What do I mean by hierarchy of goalie training? Well, let me tell you…

How much is too much? Training guidelines for young hockey players.

I had a post on this topic a few months ago, but I continue to get more questions about it, so today I want to share my philosophy on training young goalies. It is fine if you disagree, but this is my philosophy that guides my decisions regarding most youth athletes.  I appreciate that there […]

Wonder if Luongo ever tries this?

I find the pre-season fascinating for a few reasons 1) I have to anxiously wait to see how the athletes I train over the summer are doing at their pro camps and 2) there are always lots of tweaks and strains that pop up and this always gets me thinking about the ‘why’. The one that sticks in my head most recently is Luongo’s groin ‘tweak’. I immediately thought back to an article about how Luongo became passionate about road biking this off-season and how he logged 1800km on the bike to help him drop 8lbs of weight. I can’t help but think…hmmmmmmm!

Is goalie specific training a lie?

Okay, here we go again…I was on a forum the other day and one of the guys posted a very thorough post expressing his opinion that there is no such thing as sport specific training. I welcome his opinion and the time he took to create this post, but like most arguments I think it really brings all parties closer together when you define your terms. Let me go over the argument from the training forum before I share my perspective.

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