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The 2 Ways Off-Season Hockey Training Leads To Injury

You’ve made it this far, so please make sure you read the entire article and read it with an open mind, don’t just say to yourself, “I would never do that” and dismiss the message. So here they are the two ways off-season hockey training leads to injury… NUMBER ONE: You do too much too […]

Your Off-Season Training Plan Mapped Out

Okay, here it is, I am channeling my inner high school teacher, stepping up to the whiteboard and giving you a lesson in off-season training.  I am giving you the detail you need – I am sorry if it is confusing to some of you. There is a lot of thought and strategy that goes […]

Youth Hockey Training Guidelines

I had a post on this topic a few months ago, but I continue to get more questions about it, so today I want to share my philosophy on training young goalies. It is fine if you disagree, but this is my philosophy that guides my decisions regarding most youth athletes.  I appreciate that there […]

EOTW: First Step Power

Before you watch the video – I want you to understand one thing. I am NOT saying that you want to pop straight up from your 1/2 butterfly or when you are racing for the puck.  I know it is lateral movement that we focus on in hockey – we work on that a lot, […]

Q&A — Lindback Tore His Achilles Stretching?

You may have heard that static stretching was bad for you – – and at first glance this may seem like more proof for the ‘stretching is bad’ pudding (an NHL goalie ruptured his achilles for goodness sake!), but hold your horses. Let’s try to figure out how this could actually happen. It is always […]

When Hiring A Strength Coach Is Out Of The Question…

When you have the drive and determination to become one of the players any coach is happy to have in the line-up, but you don’t have access to a qualified and proven hockey strength coach, what should you do? I know several of you are pondering this exact question right now as the off-season approaches […]

Q&A: This leg strengthening exercise was hurting his hips…

Here’s the question… “It has always been my main leg exercise, but when I go all the way down, it hurts my hips.” What is the exercise? You guessed it…Leg Press. The Cheeky Answer… …Stop doing it. The Actual Answer… Seriously, stop doing it please. I know you can put a ton of weight on […]

He Works Out Every Day But Doesn’t Get Stronger…

I rolled a few different questions into this article – but basically it is from the skater or goalie who works out like a fiend, but doesn’t really get stronger and doesn’t really get noticeably stronger or faster on the ice. Talk about frustrating. Luckily, usually this player actually loves working out, so that is […]