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EOTW: Hand-Eye Coordination Drill To Make Any Goalie Better

I am amazed when I meet a goalie who does not work on their hand-eye coordination. You know that cross-country skiing was my Varsity sport through University and we used to spend hours working on our skis. A fun Friday night was cleaning them, metal scraping them and then putting on just the right wax […]

EOTW: Reverse X-Over Lunge

I use this hockey strength exercise for goalies and skaters – it is a great Reverse Lunge variation because it puts a nice stretch and load on the posterior lateral hip muscles. Those are the ones you use in cooperation with your quads when you are skating. Let me show you what it looks like […]

The Scenic Route…

Hey! Happy Monday – some good hockey over the weekend, anyone else finding the Leafs more entertaining to watch lately (from the gal who went to bed before the Rangers scored from centre ice)? During the Thursday night game vs the Predators and then on Saturday night during coaches’ corner there was a lot of […]

Turn on your hips

Hip Muscle Activation using a miniband… The other title I could have used for this post is “how does something that looks so easy, burn my hip muscles so quickly?” The answer is isolated resistance my friends 😉 Yes, this is a time when we actually do try to add resistance to overload one portion […]

This non-stretch improves your hip flexibility

This one actually works for goalies and skaters. Since we are just clear of Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada (and what I beauty it was), I thought I would give you a pretty easy EOTW – I know we probably NEED something a little more vigorous with all the eating that just took place, but […]

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