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The lost video (speed secret)

You know when your iPhone tells you the memory is almost full and that puts you into a mini-panic, so you start deleting photos and videos from your phone because you have a copy somewhere else…only to discover you actually DON’T? I can’t be the only one. And before mass panic ensues…don’t worry, the U2 […]

15 seconds to keep you low in your legs (this one hurts)…

It drives coaches at every level crazy and even pro players struggle with it. For goalies it makes you a split second slow and for skaters it makes you easier to knock off the puck and puts you a full stride behind. What is it? Standing up when you get tired. It’s not your fault […]

EOTW: Half Kneeling Lift

Half Kneeling Lift for Hockey Training You need to change your concept of “core training” if you are going to take your hockey off-season training to the next level this year. If I had a dollar for every goalie or skater who emailed me to ask why my downloadable off-ice training programs didn’t have much […]

No catch with this power lift…

During the hockey off-season, I use the Olympic lifts with our skaters and goalies. We use do Power Cleans with the barbell and typically do single arm DB Snatches. Although we work on t-spine and lat mobility on an almost daily basis in the gym, some athletes still struggle to ‘catch’ the barbell in the […]

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