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If you are reading this, I know why. It is because you are not satisfied with being average (even if you think you are currently ‘below average’), you know that you can be a much, much better hockey player than you are right now, but you also know that going to the ‘big box’ gym down the road and using those machines that only build big, dumb muscles is not going to get you there. So here’s your problem – You know you need to do something that will help you specifically on the ice, but you aren’t sure what that is.

I know because I have personally worked with literally hundreds of hockey players who are in the exact same predicament.

Here’s some bad news for you – – the process is extremely complicated.

  • You need to build strength, but not make your connective tissue weak and vulnerable to injury.
  • You need to build speed, but not elevate your cortisol levels which leaves your body stealing protein from muscle mass to help you recover.
  • You need to lose 4-8lbs of body fat, but add some muscle so you can still hold your ground on the ice.
  • You need more stability and flexibility, but you don’t have 7-12 hours per week to train.

You are not alone, there are a lot of you out there who have never managed to play to your potential because, unlike pro players, you don’t get paid to play the game. You do it just for the love of the sport, the sound of your skates as they carve through fresh ice, the sound of the puck hitting the back of the net.

Now for the good news…

You are going to get a taste of what it is like to be a pro (without the sports cars, embarrassing naked photos on Twitter and irritating media scrums) by giving you an inside look at one of the secret training tactics that I have been using with pro-players for the past 4-years…yeah and I am just telling you about it now, sorry about that 🙂

When you are young you can do almost anything and get better.

When I started out as a strength and conditioning coach, I worked mostly with young players. We worked hard in the gym – 5 sets of this, 5 sets of that, 6 different leg exercises, 90-minute workouts in the weight room…we worked HARD. And it worked!

The players got stronger, faster and scored more goals – it worked!

Then as the players aged a little bit – I am talking by the mid-20s – I started to notice that we were not making the same gains in the off-season. The players were not gaining the size, speed and strength that was expected. It was puzzling and I didn’t like it. The funny thing was, the player was not even aware of the fact that things weren’t progressing. They were working hard – it must be good right?


Then it hit me…the double edged sword… CORTISOL.

The Double Edged Sword Of Hockey Training And The Benefits Of Functional Density For Hockey Players Over The Age Of 27.

From Maria L. Mountain, MSc
Hockey Strength & Conditioning Specialist


I will confess that I was not the best student during my undergrad years (it wasn’t until my Master’s studies that I buckled down and accepted nothing but straight ‘A’s’) so my recollection of Physiology 130 is a little fuzzy, but I do remember this…

    • Cortisol levels increase after prolonged low intensity exercise or after high intensity exercise in excess of 80% VO2max
    • Cortisol is a hormone released in response to stress – that can be physical stress or emotional stress.

  • It increases energy availability in the blood – GOOD. It does it by breaking down muscle protein and converting it to glucose – NOT SO GOOD
  • It decreases insulin sensitivity – can be good short term, but not long-term.
  • It can suppress immunity
  • It triggers an inflammatory response
  • Short term it can mobilize fat, but long-term it can increase fat storage

Do you see what I mean when I say cortisol is a double-edged sword?

Short term it can be just fine – it provides fuel to your working muscles, triggers an inflammatory response which helps direct the rebuilding and repair (hypertrophy) of the muscles after training.

But long-term it can create quite a few problems and leave a hockey player who has the best of intentions feeling weak, exhausted and even depressed. Not the return on investment any player is looking for when they spend their time training.



This is where things get interesting, I had to re-think the way I approached training. We no longer did this exercise and that exercise ‘just to be sure’ we were covering all the bases. I had to look at the exercises that would give the most benefit in the least amount of time – – what is called the MINIMUM EFFECTIVE DOSE.

If you went to the doctor for a sore toe and the doctor gave you a prescription for pain pills, you would worry a little bit if your doctor said “better take 8 or 9 of those at a time just to make sure” – that would not make you ooze confidence would it? Yet that is exactly how these players were training – better do 27 sets of legs just to make sure.

So we want to find the minimum amount of work we can do while still getting results. This is where FUNCTIONAL DENSITY TRAINING (FDT) enters the picture. FDT is the term used to describe training programs that do not waste the players’ time with exercises that only work one thing – – like biceps curls. Let’s say you want stronger biceps so you do 3 sets of 8 reps of biceps curls with 60 seconds of rest between each set. Well, that is 5-minutes of time spent on only one muscle group (I am including the biceps long head, short head and brachioradialis).

Let’s compare that to a Standing Single Arm Cable or Bungee Row that will take the same 5-minutes to train, except now you are working the following muscles:

  • biceps (long and short head)
  • brachioradialis
  • posterior deltoid
  • rhomboids
  • mid-trapezius
  • latissimus dorsi
  • quads
  • gastrocnemius
  • soleus
  • erector spinae
  • glute max
  • abdominal obliques

– I think you get the idea.

Now, do you think you will burn a lot more energy using 12+ muscles described in the FDT exercise above rather than the 2 muscles recruited for the isolation exercise? Bingo! Now you are getting the idea.

Your nervous system gets stronger too…

You can see how FDT training will work more muscle mass, make you stronger and help you burn more calories, but you might not realize that you are also training your nervous system with these types of exercises.

If I want to learn french and I spend all my time talking to a 3-year old who only knows how to say – ‘ice cream’, ‘I have to pee’, and ‘No’ – my vocabulary is going to be pretty limited. I need to take a trip to France or Quebec to hear different phrases, expand my vocabulary and use my words in different settings.

Your body is the same – with the boring biceps curl, your body is not being challenged. ‘Bend your elbow’ is not what you would call a complex motor pattern is it?

Playing ice hockeyBut, let’s consider the FDT example – your body is being challenged to:

  • stabilize your shoulder
  • co-recruit your shoulder extensors and elbow flexors
  • use your back extensors and abdominal obliques to stabilize in both the sagittal and transverse plane
  • activate muscles that cross the hips, knees and ankles to stay on your feet as you produce force with your upper extremities

Which one of those sounds more like what you need on the ice?

Strength will only get you so far.

There is an overemphasis on ‘strength’ in hockey players. We see it every year, the next big up and coming player is shown during the off-season working with their trainer, back squatting 525lbs, bench pressing 345lbs – – working hard.

Then training camp rolls around and either the player falters or ends up injured.

If strength were the key ingredient, then you would see guys like Bill Kazmaier strapping on skates and finding success in hockey. The fact that it has never happened tells you loud and clear that strength is not the key ingredient.

The secret sauce is SPEED.

There are good players who are a little on the slower side, but there are no great players who lack speed. Strength is a key ingredient for speed, but stability, mobility and specific stamina are equally important.

Let’s look at each one individually:

Stability because your body will not let you express strength that you cannot stabilize. FDT develops a players stability as it develops strength in the prime movers.Mobility so you can get into the right position to create force over a productive range of motion without putting undue stress on other body parts. FDT works players through usable ranges of motion while building strength and stability. FDT also programs low cortisol recovery sessions where players expand their reservoir of mobility.Specific Stamina to create a player who is a proficient repeat sprinter. If you are agile but exhausted after the first period, you cannot help your team when it counts. Training to become a repeat sprinter is what gives you that extra gear when the other skaters are bent over with their hands on their knees and their head’s down gasping for air.
Sidney Crosby doesn’t get his training programs from the meatheads at the local big box gym and neither should you. Get pro-worthy private training at discount gym prices.

If this makes sense to you, if you found yourself nodding as you discovered more about how the body handles training stress, if you have made some of the mistakes outlined above in the past, then you will be interested in the 28-Day Transformation For Skaters private coaching group. Let me tell you a little bit more about it….

Introducing the 28-Day Transformation For Goalies


This program was designed specifically for hockey players (Forward and D) over the age of 27 who want to lose 4-8 lbs and add 3-4 lbs of lean muscle over the next 28-days. You must be prepared to follow a step by step plan that tells you exactly what to do each and every day. You must be prepared to submit nutrition logs so I can help you maximize your results. We all know you cannot out-train bad nutrition.

You must be prepared to be better.

HERE’S How It Works…

Your transformation begins Monday, August 18th and runs through Sunday, September 14th.

If we are going to make 2014 your best season on the ice ever – what better time to start?

Now’s the time to turn the tide instead of letting your weight continue to creep upward, you will be on your way to losing the fat that keeps you slow and puts extra wear and tear on your ankles, knees,hips and low back.

You will be added to a private Facebook group which is where you will access your workouts, links to the videos and our weekly live coaching Q&A. If you do not have a Facebook account you cannot be a member of this group – sorry about that.

  • each week you get a new workout plan so you will not miss out on any of the key ingredients for success while overdosing on too much of a good thing. We see this all the time in players who do too much strength training and not enough stretching or vice versa
  • a detailed training schedule so you know exactly what to do each day – there is no guess work.
  • video clips of each exercise, so you do not have to sit through 5-minutes of video to find the exercise you need.
  • a private Facebook page for the transformation group only so you can ask questions anytime and get answers from other members of the group and directly from me.
  • You can train at home with resistance bands or dumbbells and body weight or you can workout at the gym using cables, dumbbells and bodyweight. Otherwise there is no specialized equipment required.
  • this program is not for beginners, it is going to include some high intensity exercise so if you are not up to it, that is okay, one of my more progressive programs would be better suited to you.

As if that wasn’t enough, you will be REWARDED for your success!


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No one will be able to join the group after the program starts, so get on board now…

Frequently Asked Questions…

Question: What if I don’t have any equipment at home and I don’t have a gym membership?

Answer: If you can head down to your local fitness equipment store, department store, heck even some grocery stores for a few of those rubber resistance tubes, then you are all set. You do not need fancy equipment or a gym membership to make the most of your opportunity.

Question: What if my schedule on the ice doesn’t fit with the training schedule?

Answer: This is where it is nice that you can get direct access to me via the private Facebook page – you can ask questions, tell me about your situation and get a point in the right direction.

Question: What if I don’t want to document my journey and have the chance to win over $750 in training programs, an I Have No 5 Hole shirt and I don’t want to be the All-Star, I just want to do the workouts?

Answer: That is fine – you can just do your thing and not enter the contest portion. I still love ya!

Question: What happens after I sign up? How do I join the Facebook page?

Answer: After your purchase you will be directed to a page with all the details for you. Then you will request to join the private FB group. I will have to individually approve all members, so don’t worry if you are not instantly approved for membership (remember I have that full time job running Revolution Conditioning :))

Get The Coaching AND The Program For $73 Less Than I Charge For A Single Hour In The Gym – – ONLY $67 (one time investment)

$170 Only $67
One Time Payment


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