Off-Ice Training Drill for Goalies – Quickness in the Crease

Check out the video below for one of my favourite off-ice drills to use with hockey goaltenders.  Because this is a crease movement drill for goalies and we want them to stay quick and powerful, keep the volume low.  Work in the range of 2-5 pushes in each direction or repeat the exercise for a given amount of time such as 5-10 seconds.  The athlete should be given 3-6 times as much rest as the work interval so if they perform the pushes for 5 seconds, then the goalie should rest for 15-30 seconds.  The rest does not have to be static rest; you may train a different component of the workout like core stability, shoulder stability or hand-eye coordination training between reps.


If you train goalies or are a hockey goaltender, this is a great exercise to help you move quicker in the crease.  It is easy to incorporate and does not require any specialized equipment.  Check out the video demonstrating the knee recovery and push exercise described in this article if you are interested in learning more about how to take a more sport specific approach to your off-ice goalie training.  Click here if you would like to register for a free online hockey training mini-course.