Sample Off-Season Training Split for Hockey

off ice agility drill for goaliesThe proper dose of training varies from one athlete to another.  Some hockey players gravitate toward too little training while others think the solution to everything is more training.  The key to successful off-season training for hockey is finding the right dose.  The dose where hockey players can training very hard, working on the right things and still have sufficient time to recover.  Here is the general training split that I use with the hockey players I train at Revolution Conditioning.

Monday Resistance – Lower Body Emphasis + Interval Training1.5 HOURS Flexibility20 MINUTES
Tuesday Resistance – Upper Body Emphasis + Power1.5 HOURS Core20 MINUTES
Wednesday OFF – or power skating session Flexibility20 MINUTES
Thursday Resistance – Lower Body Emphasis + Interval Training1.5 HOURS Core20 MINUTES
Friday Resistance – Upper Body Emphasis + Power1.5 HOURS Flexibility20 MINUTES
Saturday Hill Sprints or Track Workout1.0 HOUR Core20 MINUTES
Sunday OFF OFF

 I will not go into complete detail – that would be a 100 page manual, but I will clarify a few points:

INTERVAL TRAINING: I use different methods for my interval training – this is the only type of cardio training I do with hockey players.  We never do steady state cardio.  The duration of work and rest will vary as we go through the off-season, but we may do a 20 second hard interval followed by a 30 second core exercise and 10 seconds to set up for the next interval.  Most of my intervals are multidirectional so we may use agility ladders, micro hurdles or cone drills for our interval workouts.

POWER TRAINING: for these workouts I try to focus on power, so the work volume is very low 4-8 reps.  This is where we incorporate plyometric training including box hops, hurdle hops, med ball throws, acceleration sprints.  During the active rest we work on prehab-type exercises to improve hip mobility or muscle activation.

SUPPLEMENTAL TRAINING: these workouts are assigned as homework to help the hockey players establish a base level of mobility and stability.  As the off-season progresses, players will be assigned more specific exercises to address their individual needs.

Before you ask, “Could you do a three day per week full body routine?”  The answer is ‘Yes’.  There are many things you could do, this is just how I do it at Revolution Conditioning.  If you are looking for a complete and detailed off-ice training program for hockey goalies or for skaters you can check out the step-by-step training programs I created specifically for goalies at Ultimate Off Ice Goalie Training and the step-by-step program for skaters at Hockey Strong Training.