Strength Training for Hockey: DB Step Up

If you are serious about your hockey training and you are over the age of 15, then you are probably already training with weights.  Maybe you do squats or lunges, but unless you are including some single leg exercises, then you are missing out on maximizing your time in the gym.

Think about the skating stride.  Do you push off both legs at the same time?  Or one leg at a time?  So if you push off one leg at a time when you are skating, don’t you think doing some single leg training will have a great transfer not only to your leg strength, but also to your stability and ultimately to your performance on the ice.  Check out the video below to see one of the exercises that is included in the Hockey Strong Training System.  If this is what I am giving away for free, just imagine all the other great stuff in the 60+ minutes of video. 

PS – For those of you who own the Hockey Strong Training System, don’t panic, this is the only video from the program that I will release to the public.  The other 59-minutes are reserved for the Hockey Strong tribe.