FEATURED PROGRAM #1 – The NEW! Ultimate Goalie Training VIP Coaching Program

ultimate goalie training coaching program

The most detailed and pro-style hockey training program I offer and it is just for goalies.  This one is for the goalies who make excellence in hockey their number one priority.  This one comes with coaching support to help you stay on track.  LEARN MORE HERE.

FEATURED PROGRAM #2 – The Goalie Workout Club

goalie workout clubDon’t need all the bells and whistles, just want a new goalie specific off-ice hockey training program each month?  Well, you are in the right place.  This is also the least expensive program I offer and you can unsubscribe at any time.  LEARN MORE HERE.

FEATURED PROGRAM #3 – The Rapid Response Goalie Training System

off-ice goalie training

Anyone else lead a crazy hectic life, but still wants a goalie specific off-ice workout that can be done in less than 40-minutes – at HOME?

This one is also a great in-season off-ice hockey training program for goalies that will have you peaking for the play-offs rather than hoping your body just holds together.

You asked for it, so I created it.  A goalie specific workout that you can do at home with minimal equipment.  No workout takes longer than 40-minutes, with most of them in the 20-30 minute range.   Only one payment of $107 for step-by-step instructions, video demonstrations and too many bonuses to mention.  LEARN MORE BY CLICKING HERE!

FEATURED PROGRAM #4 – Just for SKATERS – The Hockey Workout Club.

hockey workoutsA workout of the month club that gives you a complete blueprint for your off-ice hockey training.  Each month receive a new progressive off-ice training program complete with video tutorials so you know exactly what to do so you can build strong powerful legs that will give you more acceleration on the ice.

Don’t worry, this program is not just about the legs, you will also discover new functional core exercises that actually let you play like a skater 15lbs heavier when you are battling in the corners.  Your upper body training will not just be for looks, but the integrated nature of these exercises translates into a laser beam of a shot.

Different workouts for those who do their hockey training at home and those who train at the gym.  Find out more about the simple step-by-step plan that will transform your hockey from season to season- LEARN MORE HERE.

 FEATURED PROGRAM #5 – Hockey Speed Secrets

hockey speed secretsA great addition to your on-ice hockey training.  You can come along to the rink and see the exact on-ice speed and conditioning drills I use with some of the pro players I train.  One of them has won the ‘Fastest Skater’ competition at the NHL All-Star game, so we know it works.  I use these drills with skaters, so that is the focus.  Hockey goalies would benefit from the on-ice conditioning, but some of the drills will not apply.

A great tool for coaches looking for ways to add speed training to their practices.  Add some of the partner read and react drills that include an element of competition and see your players working hard and getting faster with a smile on their face.

This is not a skating technique video – the purpose is to show you drills that anyone can incorporate into their on-ice training.

This one also comes with a special bonus – copy of “Pro Hockey Workout Revealed” – an exact training phase that I used this past off-season with one my pro players.  LEARN MORE HERE.

FEATURED PROGRAM #6 – The Goalie Stretch Solution

The step-by-step follow along video that is as close as you can get to training with me in the Revolution Studio.  I take you through your complete flexibility routine so you don’t even have to look at your watch once.

The Goalie Stretch solution also includes a complete dynamic warm-up for goalies.  What good is it to work on your flexibility, if you are not going to make the most of it when you step on the ice for your games.  LEARN MORE HERE.