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EOTW: Agility + Hand Eye For Goalies

This EOTW will make a great addition to your off-ice goalie training.  It is a drill that combines agility training with hand-eye coordination – sounds just like what you need doesn’t it? Think of the first time you used an agility ladder. You had to think about it didn’t you? Especially when leading with your […]

I got carried away – 5 new agility drills for hockey goalies

So you know I have the Exercise Of The Week (EOTW) feature – – well I got way carried away this week, I actually have five new agility drills for goalies.   Sorry 🙁 Here are the straight goods… Holy Crap – – ONE MILLION! First let me say how much I LOVE having an internet […]

Adding upredictability to your off-ice hockey drills

Hockey is a multi-tasking sport but far too often players train for the best case scenario. Think about the last time you did some off-ice agility or goalie movement drills. Was anyone trying to knock you off the puck? Was anyone firing a puck at you? Was anyone constantly backing into your? Probably not. You were likely given a pattern and then allowed to practice it unhampered.