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Here’s What Your Heart Rate Actually Does On The Ice

I was sifting through my notes from the NSCA Hockey Strength & Conditioning Clinic last month in Colorado Springs, CO and I wanted to share this data that Justin Roethlingshoefer (yeah that’s a mouthful) shared. You may not have heard of him. Have you heard of the NCAA Div 1 University of Miami Ohio hockey […]

More Metabolic Finishers for Hockey Goalies…one for skaters too.

I feel sorry for you… I feel sorry for you, I really do.  You see I forked over my entire weekend plus over $700 to spend the weekend in Vaughan, ON – never heard of it? yeah, well… Why did I do that – I did it for a man – Dr. Andreo Spina.  No, […]

High Intensity Interval Training for Hockey

Without turning the post into a literature review, I hope that you are getting the idea that long steady state cardio training is not only mind numbingly boring, but also not your most effective way to develop aerobic or anaerobic power. If I told you that you could get more benefit from your hockey training […]