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Core Training: What Is The Core?

This week’s theme is Core Training for hockey players. Today you will discover what the core is and why it actually is (or is not) important. Later in the week I will explain why I haven’t had any athlete crunch in over seven years and finally I will give you a nice core training circuit, […]

EOTW: Leg Burner + Core Stabilizer

EOTW: Leg Burner + Core Stabilizer This is one of those off-ice hockey exercises that has a lot of benefit for goalies, forwards and defensemen. It builds stamina in your legs, so you can stay low in your stance or skating position AND it develops the integrated stability right from your ankles up to your […]

EOTW: MB Plank + Abduction [skaters+goalies]

Today’s hockey training exercise uses a med ball in a way you have probably never seen before  – you will see what I mean in a second.  It challenges your hip stability and your torso stability with different force vectors – sounds a little complicated when you read that, but it is actually very straight […]