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HockeyTrainingPro.com Approved Core Exercises For Hockey Players

Now you know what the Core is and how NOT to train it, let me give you a few exercises to help you develop a strong core for hockey. TVA + Leg Lift This will feel very easy – muscularly it is very easy, but to do it properly it will take a lot of […]

Why Crunches Do More Harm Than Good For Hockey Players

For starters, in the article from a couple days ago, I hope you can appreciate how crunches do not strengthen your “core” in a functional way, the way you need your torso to perform on the ice. Critical Reasoning #1 – it doesn’t help you There are very few movements in sport where you need […]

Core Training: What Is The Core?

This week’s theme is Core Training for hockey players. Today you will discover what the core is and why it actually is (or is not) important. Later in the week I will explain why I haven’t had any athlete crunch in over seven years and finally I will give you a nice core training circuit, […]

They HATE It…Hips, Shoulders, Core

I am sorry… no idea how we have been together all these years and I don’t see where I have shared this one with you before.  I can’t believe it is true since this is one of my go to exercises for off-ice hockey training. Again, all I can say is sorry. Here is how […]

EOTW: Half Kneeling Lift

Half Kneeling Lift for Hockey Training You need to change your concept of “core training” if you are going to take your hockey off-season training to the next level this year. If I had a dollar for every goalie or skater who emailed me to ask why my downloadable off-ice training programs didn’t have much […]

Mistakes, Upper Body, Mobility, Essentials and Core…oh my!

I think it would be an overstatement to say I have been ‘cheating’.  That word has such a negative connotation. Have I been writing some hockey training articles for another fitness outlet?  Well – yes I have.  I can’t help myself, I want to help hockey players all over the world – it doesn’t mean […]

New! Multiplanar Core Stabilization Exercise For Skaters And Goalies

EOTW: Tall Kneeling Cable Lift Now that we don’t do crunches or Russian twists in your off-ice hockey training anymore, I see a lot skaters and goalies getting stagnant with the variety of exercises in their program – much like I described HERE.  You see players do planks, planks and more planks. I like the […]

Hockey Strength Training: 3 exercises for a stronger torso (and harder shot)

Hockey Strength Training: 3 exercises for a harder shot If I hear the excuse “I don’t have a gym membership” one more time as a reason why a skater or goalie cannot do their off-ice training, I am going to scream and then run naked through the streets (okay, maybe just the scream part). Although […]