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Are you an antevert or a retrovert?

Since your hips are your bread and butter if you are a goalie I thought we should get to know this marvelous joint a little better.Β  I can see this stretching into a 3, 4 or 5 part series, so let’s consider this part one. Looking at bony structure and anatomical range of motion – […]

Research Review: Comparison of stretching protocols on hamstring flexibility

Getting my Masters degree in Kinesiology was a really fun time – except for the times you would get so frustrated by your research project that it would bring you to tears or the fear of being ripped to shreds during your thesis defense or the first time you ever said to an academic panel, […]

Q&A: What Makes Goalies Tight?

Hope you are having a great week. You may know from reading my emails that I am a ‘routine’ girl. I like to have my routine – get up around the same time, have the same breakfast, do my work without interruption, go to bed early, etc. Well, this week my routine got all out of whack so I am still trying to get back on track.

My routine got ‘whacked’ for a good reason though. I was in the Boston area for Sunday, Monday and part of Tuesday to help at Brian D’Accord’s Goalie Consulting Group Prospects Week at Merrimack College. It was awesome to take 90+ of the top goalies from Canada, the US, Germany, Sweden and Russia through their off-ice training.

Travels there and back were great, although driving through Boston to get to the airport was a little wacky. My GPS looked like an Etch-A-Sketch there were so many roads going every which way. I have driven in Manhattan a few times and it is a cake walk compared to bean-town.

Anyway, today I am hitting you with a Q&A about what makes goalies tight and how to gain flexibility…

Any goalies want a wider butterfly flare?

One of my friends over at www.goaliecrease.net put forth an idea to have a friendly challenge to see who can widen their butterfly flare the most over the next six weeks or so. I offered to create a program to help goalies increase their butterfly flare.

So I created this little workout that will only take 10-15 minutes to complete (click the link for the PDF):