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The Downside Of Getting Powerful As A Goalie

There is a downside to getting more powerful that you probably are not aware of. Let me give you a real life example… I have a friend who loves really nice cars. One of his cars is some kind of powerful BMW – it might be called an M1, I am not sure. Anyway, the […]

EOTW: Knee Down Shimmy (goalies)

Every goalie needs to be agile.  Agreed? How do you train your agility (if at all)? Probably from a standing position right?  Using the Agility Ladder, Micro Hurdles, Mini Cones, etc. But you also need agility from your knees and THAT is exactly what I have for you today in this brand new goalie training […]

EOTW: Knee Recovery Lateral Push [GOALIES]

We work a lot of lateral movement patterns for your agility training and I like to add in elements of transition both in terms of direction and position.  This allows you to use your power and speed on the ice from different less common positions than the typical ‘ready’ position. What I have for you […]

Goalie Training Tip of the Week #2 – Agility drills in transition

Do you always start your agility drills from the same neutral standing position? In a game situation, do you always make a save from the same neutral ready position? Ideally, yes, but practically – NO WAY! So this Rapid Response Goalie Training tip gives you some different positions from which to start your agility drills to help your body learn how to react in a quick and efficient way from different postures.