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Pistol Flow For Goalies – hips, legs, core oh my!

Words pretty much cannot describe this advanced mobility drill for goalies, so you better start off by watching the video, then I will come back to give you the key points… You will notice that I call this a Mobility Drill, which is one of the foundations of my MS3 Method of off-ice development. The […]

Pre-Season Flexibility

Happy Monday and welcome to Pre-Season week.  That’s right, the theme for this week’s goalie training articles is what to do during the pre-season as you get into try-outs, practices and eventually games. If you have been following a program like Shutout Academy or UGT 3.0, then you are all good – just keep going […]

Revealing Your Mobility Deficit

If you are not familiar with the term “Mobility Deficit”, then you better read on and watch the video.  Then do the test yourself. Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned that I would be going with a weekly theme for my articles (trying it out at least), well there were some good suggestions and […]

Two More “Essential 8” Exercises For Hockey Goalies

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This one simple post can have a huge impact on your success next season. You see, like the image above shows, the majority of your fellow goalies are still in the gym doing unproductive (potentially harmful) exercises like Leg Press, Back Squats, Knee Extensions, Hamstring Curls, Calf Raises, Groin Machine… you get the idea. They […]