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Does Size Really Matter? The NHL perspective.

I hopped on the phone with my friend Mike Valley who is the Director of Goaltending for the Dallas Stars to talk goalies and of course we started off by talking about size in goaltenders. Remember when you were either a big blocking goaltender or a smaller, agile goalie? Well, Mike makes it very clear […]

Pre-Season Flexibility

Happy Monday and welcome to Pre-Season week.  That’s right, the theme for this week’s goalie training articles is what to do during the pre-season as you get into try-outs, practices and eventually games. If you have been following a program like Shutout Academy or UGT 3.0, then you are all good – just keep going […]

Q&A – Plan To Supercharge Training Before The Season

The words are different, but the question is the same. Some of you are sending me detailed plans of how you intend to ‘make up for lost time’, ‘supercharge your training’, or ‘fill up the tank’ before the season starts. One of you actually told me that you were going to train from 9am-5pm, like […]

Specific Drill So You Can Stay Low And Dominate Your Crease Movements

Do you ever look for it?  I do every time I watch a game.  It usually starts to appear about 10-minutes into the second period.  Then I know a team is in trouble. What is this sign that puts a team at risk?  The sign that coaches and shooters see?  The sign that is right […]

This tool improves your agility and hand-eye coordination

It certainly won’t be the first time I made myself look foolish in the name of making you a better goalie. And I’m okay with it 🙂 I love this tool because it is a great way for you to do read and react agility training (so that is agility training that is unpredictable, just […]

The 2 Ways Off-Season Hockey Training Leads To Injury

You’ve made it this far, so please make sure you read the entire article and read it with an open mind, don’t just say to yourself, “I would never do that” and dismiss the message. So here they are the two ways off-season hockey training leads to injury… NUMBER ONE: You do too much too […]

Here’s what to do for the first two weeks after your season ends…

Well, first of all, I am sorry – no one wants their season to be over quite this early. You are probably either feeling super motivated to work you @ss off and bring better things for next season or you are bummed beyond belief and you don’t even want to think about hockey until June. […]

3 must do goalie exercises for in-season training

IF…you were only going to do 3 exercises during your goalie workouts this in-season, these would be them. Now, I know you are not only going to do three exercises all in-season (are you?)…but if you are, these are them 🙂 When I try to pick only three, I need to go with what I […]

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