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Q&A: The one about why coaches make certain decisions and speed

So, I was cleaning out the vault the other day and came across a few questions that were in the corner under some boxes of hockey tape, so I pulled them out, dusted them off and here are the answers for you. Aaa-chhooooo! (whew! It’s dusty in that vault) You can watch the video to […]

Goalie Training EOTW: More Balance = More Agility

I have a very simple, yet challenging goalie training EOTW for you today – what it does in addition to developing hip stability in goalies, it helps you have a strong platform for your butterfly crawl.  Fun stuff! How the weekend is going so far – had a wicked XC ski yesterday – broke a […]

EOTW: Read & React Drill You Can Do Anywhere [GOALIES]

Today I have an awesome off-ice goalie drill that includes an element of read and react.  So basically it gets your brain processing more information than just the movement itself.  In a game you cannot just focus on the execution of your movements (that would make things a lot easier wouldn’t it?), in a game […]