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Juggling may not be the answer

Traffic was moving pretty well considering it was New York city on a Friday morning. The shuttle bus wove its way from Grand Central toward the Midtown tunnel and out to Queen’s and LaGuardia airport (which really spruced itself up since the last time I flew out of there) and then it hit me! It […]

This tool improves your agility and hand-eye coordination

It certainly won’t be the first time I made myself look foolish in the name of making you a better goalie. And I’m okay with it 🙂 I love this tool because it is a great way for you to do read and react agility training (so that is agility training that is unpredictable, just […]

EOTW: Hand-Eye Coordination Drill To Make Any Goalie Better

I am amazed when I meet a goalie who does not work on their hand-eye coordination. You know that cross-country skiing was my Varsity sport through University and we used to spend hours working on our skis. A fun Friday night was cleaning them, metal scraping them and then putting on just the right wax […]