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EOTW: Quadruped Hip Abduction

Think of this as another ‘rotator cuff’ exercise for your hip. You can build some stamina in your lateral rotators and abductors very easily by adding this to your hockey training routine. At Revolution Conditioning we fit it into our dynamic warm-up, use it as a supplemental exercise during our resistance training or as active […]

Wonder if Luongo ever tries this?

I find the pre-season fascinating for a few reasons 1) I have to anxiously wait to see how the athletes I train over the summer are doing at their pro camps and 2) there are always lots of tweaks and strains that pop up and this always gets me thinking about the ‘why’. The one that sticks in my head most recently is Luongo’s groin ‘tweak’. I immediately thought back to an article about how Luongo became passionate about road biking this off-season and how he logged 1800km on the bike to help him drop 8lbs of weight. I can’t help but think…hmmmmmmm!

Hip Impingement in Hockey Goalies: Try this simple self evaluation.

I have been interested in learning more and more about femoroacetabular hip impingement (FAIS) in hockey goalies and the more I talk about it the more I am amazed at how many goalies play with pain in the front of their hip and think it is normal. Check out the video to learn more about what causes hip impingement in hockey goalies and then take the self evaluation.

Your sneak peak at the Ultimate 12-Minute Goalie Warm Up!

The Ultimate 12-Minute Goalie Warm Up is so different from what many of you typically do before your games and practices that I am getting lots of questions asking what the new warm-up is like – how it works. Without giving away all my secrets, I put this little sneak peak together for you: