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Turn on your hips

Hip Muscle Activation using a miniband… The other title I could have used for this post is “how does something that looks so easy, burn my hip muscles so quickly?” The answer is isolated resistance my friends 😉 Yes, this is a time when we actually do try to add resistance to overload one portion […]

The Exercise That Makes Your Legs Appear Powerful…

The Exercise That Makes Your Legs Appear Powerful… Let me start off by saying, that I am not blaming you for this; it is not the hockey player’s fault. This misused hockey exercise comes straight from the trainers who post videos of players jumping up onto boxes that are 3+ feet high.  I have even […]

Drop this exercise from your upper body workout.

Stop Doing This Upper Body Exercise For Hockey Training When creating an exercise program there are thousands of permutations and combinations of exercises, sets, reps, etc.  I tend to classify exercises into ‘Dangerous – Good – Better – Best’. To me an exercise ends up in the ‘Best’ column if it gives a player huge […]