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Top 3 Reasons Goalies Get Injured…

There have been a lot of NHL goalies getting injured so far this season. Some of them expected to miss months of the season. Last season we saw the Carey Price, arguably the NHL’s most consistent goalie miss essentially an entire season. So it raises the question – – “Why do goalies get injured?” Because […]

Q&A — Lindback Tore His Achilles Stretching?

You may have heard that static stretching was bad for you – – and at first glance this may seem like more proof for the ‘stretching is bad’ pudding (an NHL goalie ruptured his achilles for goodness sake!), but hold your horses. Let’s try to figure out how this could actually happen. It is always […]

Q&A: Hockey Goalie Injuries

Goalie Training Q&A for December – had a lot of questions about hockey goalie injuries over the last few weeks. Here are the topics I am covering in this video: 1)Knee pain below the knee cap with splits on the ice, split squats off the ice and groin stretches. 2)Glute pain after a hard fall on the ice – if you have fallen hard on your butt in the last 3-months, you should really watch this part of the video. 3)Trouble closing the 5-hole in a butterfly. I refer to this screen that anyone can do in my response – screen for hip impingement in hockey goalies