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3 Key Body Parts Goalies Neglect To Stretch (but shouldn’t)

You and your groins – you are all about your groins, stretch, stretch, stretch! But there are lots of other areas that have a huge impact on your performance that you absolutely forget, so I am going to give you three stretches that you must complete every time you even think about stretching your groins. […]

Activation Drill to Help Decrease Your Hip Mobility Deficit

This exercise will highlight the mobility deficit in your hip flexors.  In fact, I bet if you are one of those players who always feels tight in the front of your hip, that you will not be able to successfully do this mobility/activation drill. Here is exactly how to do it…  Key Points:   Keep […]

Revealing Your Mobility Deficit

If you are not familiar with the term “Mobility Deficit”, then you better read on and watch the video.  Then do the test yourself. Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned that I would be going with a weekly theme for my articles (trying it out at least), well there were some good suggestions and […]

Stabilize And Mobilize Your Hip (warning hip cramping likely ;))

Sorry in advance – you will very likely get a hip cramp and that is okay – it just means that you are trying to use a synergistic muscle rather than the prime mover.  So what you are feeling could very well be your TFL getting tied into a knot. If (when) that cramp sets […]

NEW! Mobility Exercise For Goalies

I am going to GUARANTEE that less than 1% of you have ever even SEEN this hip mobility exercise before AND of the less than 1% of you who have seen it before, I guarantee that less than 1% of you have ever even TRIED it…until today. This exercise is a hip mobility exercise – […]

The CP Lower Body Injury

Carey Price’s lower body injury… I honestly have no idea what Carey Price’s injury is or how he sustained it. And I won’t be so bold as to suggest that all injuries are preventable; in hindsight that may be the case, but not in real-time. Sometimes s#@t happens… Let’s hope he gets back on track […]

How goalies get deeper splits

I took to social media a couple weeks ago asking the goalies in the Twittersphere (@goalietraining if you want to follow) and on Facebook what they wanted me to shoot a video on – how to get deeper splits or a wider butterfly flare. They spoke loud and clear and the splits won (I’m not surprised). So […]