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The speed to compete (and full front flip)

When I saw this video the first time my heart lept up into my throat TWICE! Once when I saw Turning Pro goalie Carter Hutton actually beat the Sabres d-man to the puck and the second time when I saw him do a full front flip in all his gear. Well, technically, I guess it […]

The Next Big Thing In Goalie Development

Although I could not attend the Network Goaltending Symposium in Madison, Wisconsin this past weekend and also had to pull the chute on sticking around for the NHL Goalie camp afterward (still trying to iron out the details of crossing the border to share my expertise), I did send along my presentations in video format […]

Pre-Season Speed/Stamina

If you have not been doing any speed or stamina training on a consistent basis during the off-season, don’t start now. In the week or two before training camp, you won’t be able to make THAT much improvement, you will increase your risk of injury and you will increase your fatigue. That is a loss […]

Do These 3 Things Starting Today To Save Your Season

If you missed it, yesterday we talked about what to do if you have been a little delinquent in your off-season training so far. Don’t sweat it, you are not alone, but if you missed it yesterday go back and read the three things you absolutely must NOT do if that is the case. Now, let […]

Another NEW Hip Mobility Exercise For Goalies

We have been using the 90/90 stretch for quite a few years haven’t we?  If you don’t know what the hip 90/90 is, then you are missing out on hip mobility.  Although I think it resonates more with goalies, it is a great one for skaters too, so make sure you check it out. Here […]

Case Study: How a Jr. B goalie goes from a 3.71 GAA to 2.00 in one season

I got this email from Andrew a couple weeks ago and I was so pleased for him.  You know I take my job seriously, which means sharing in your successes and your frustrations – the successes are WAY more fun. Here’s what he said… Hey Maria,    I was one of your UGT VIP 3.0 […]

Is This A “No-Go” Zone With The Foam Roller?

As much as Facebook has it’s down sides, there are huge upsides – I love it. I was scanning my NewsFeed, which is pretty much all either training info or goalie stuff and I saw one of my mentors, Dr. Thomas Myers commenting on an article from Andrew Franklyn-Miller – the summary was posted on […]

The #TRUTH about ‘goalie specific’ exercises

Here is the truth about goalie exercises… The actual exercise is not the most important factor contributing to your success on the ice. Choosing the right exercises is important – that is what gets you the most bang for your buck while minimizing the wear and tear on your hips, knees, ankles and back. The right […]

Goalie Puckhandling for 3-on-3

A look to the future of goaltending with Don Cherry… Don had a ton of gems on Saturday night’s Coaches’ Corner. I talked about Joel Ward the other day – what a motivational story. He also talked about the future of goaltending. He was talking about the 3-on-3 overtime and he said it would be filtering […]

Q&A: Front Squats, Cardio For Goalies, Rest Between Sets

Dug deep into the mail bag to answer some of your questions from the comfort of our back deck yesterday afternoon.  Still basking in the glow of the U2 concert at Madison Square Garden on Friday night (I will tell you about that in a second). Watch the video below if you ever get sore […]