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This helps you move quicker in the crease

If you have ever learned a language, you know there is a big difference between reading from the book and actually carrying on a conversation.  In the book everything is predictable, you work on one thing at a time.  When holding a conversation, it is free to go any direction. The goalie agility drill I […]

The Best Off-Ice Hockey Training Program

There isn’t really a ‘best’ off-ice hockey training program.  If there were, then everyone would do it and every hockey player would be awesome and hardly ever get injured.  Wouldn’t that be great. The best program is the one that you can actually get done.  Is it better to train for 90-minutes per day than […]

Hockey Goalie Training: NEW! Use This To Finish Your Workout

Hockey Goalie Training: New Finishers Over the next few weeks I will post some metabolic finishers that you can add to your hockey goalie training.  Don’t worry, I have some for you skaters as well, I will post them on the ‘skaters’ portion of www.hockeytrainingpro.com. Basically, a finisher is just that – it is something […]