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3 NEW Core Exercises For Any Goalie

I used ‘the Twitter’ last week to ask what you needed. What areas of the body did you want a new exercise for? You answered loud and clear >> THE CORE was your answer. So, here is not one…not two… but THREE core exercises to help any hockey player. But first – let’s set the […]

EOTW:Towel Grip Body Row

EOTW: Towel Grip Body Row I love this exercise as much as a trainer can love any exercise and that is because it has so much to offer with such a simple set up that you can do it an almost any community or high school gym. On first glance you will notice that it […]

EOTW: Leg Burner + Core Stabilizer

EOTW: Leg Burner + Core Stabilizer This is one of those off-ice hockey exercises that has a lot of benefit for goalies, forwards and defensemen. It builds stamina in your legs, so you can stay low in your stance or skating position AND it develops the integrated stability right from your ankles up to your […]