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Q&A — Lindback Tore His Achilles Stretching?

You may have heard that static stretching was bad for you – – and at first glance this may seem like more proof for the ‘stretching is bad’ pudding (an NHL goalie ruptured his achilles for goodness sake!), but hold your horses. Let’s try to figure out how this could actually happen. It is always […]

You Have Just Strained Your Hip Flexor. Here’s What to do.

This will resonate with both goalies and skaters. It can happen on the ice or during your off-ice training. You make a move and ‘zoink’ you feel that pain in the front of your hip. You don’t feel pain at rest, but when you try to extend your hip – like when you walk and […]

This ‘Silly Injury’ can cripple you (Part One)

There are some injuries that are fairly routine in hockey – strained groin, strained hip flexor; even sports hernia is a pretty com mon hockey injury.  When I hear about these, I have an idea of what the recovery will look like and 100% confidence that the player will get back. There are other injuries […]

Non-Surgical Treatment Of Sports Hernia In A Pro Hockey Player

Now I don’t want the title of this post to be misleading, it can be tough to diagnose a sports hernia without surgical observation and inspection of the tissues involved, so the report that I am about to share with you is a discussion of the methods used to return an NHL player with the […]