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How Much Time On The Ice During The Summer?

  With NHL training camps opening last Thursday, naturally the media set out to find a story with the Leafs – why not pick on the best performing player Phil Kessel? When Phil said, ‘I skated 10 times maybe all summer’, Leaf Nation gasped.  I’m not gonna lie – I gasped a little bit too. […]

Hockey Speed Strategies During Practice

Another awesome guest post from Coach Tyler today.  I love the idea of individual practice within a team practice.  Check out this simple strategy that will boost your speed. Hockey Speed Strategies With most of your seasons well under way, I thought now would be a great time to post some tips on hockey speed training […]

Off ice drill to make hockey players faster off a change of direction.

Today I want to share with you an exercise that I use on the ice and off the ice to help hockey players explode off their change of direction. I think there are many players out there who waste the first step of their cross over start and this drill will hopefully teach you not to do that and as a result, instantly put you half a step ahead of the competition.