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Your Pre-Season Strength & Power Plan

If you have not been working on your strength and power during the off-season and you will be hitting the ice with your team in the next two weeks, now would not be the time to start hitting the gym hard. Instead see my advice on what goalies should do who have not been working […]

The only two TABOO exercises at RevCon

As you may know, the goalies enrolled in the Turning Pro coaching program are able to come to Revolution Conditioning in London, ON and train for up to 3 days per year with our HockeyStrong training group. Last week I had two visiting goalies – Nick and Owen. It is always a treat to meet […]

How to get strong legs for hockey without weights

How Get Stronger Legs For Hockey Without Weights Not everyone has access to basic strength training equipment like dumbbells – a few years ago I showed you how you could make some of your own ‘renegade’ training tools.  These are great solutions that I know many of you are using. I don’t think there is […]

Drop this exercise from your upper body workout.

Stop Doing This Upper Body Exercise For Hockey Training When creating an exercise program there are thousands of permutations and combinations of exercises, sets, reps, etc.  I tend to classify exercises into ‘Dangerous – Good – Better – Best’. To me an exercise ends up in the ‘Best’ column if it gives a player huge […]

Hockey Strength Training: 3 exercises for a stronger torso (and harder shot)

Hockey Strength Training: 3 exercises for a harder shot If I hear the excuse “I don’t have a gym membership” one more time as a reason why a skater or goalie cannot do their off-ice training, I am going to scream and then run naked through the streets (okay, maybe just the scream part). Although […]

Do Hockey Players Need Strength Or Power?

Do You Know The Difference?

With fewer and fewer teams left in the play-off hunt, thoughts are turning to next season and off-ice training for goalies and skaters alike. It is also the time when I get phone calls from players or their parents to tell me what their child needs in his or her off-season hockey training.

One of the most popular comments is a variation of “Johnny does not need any more strength, I don’t want him to be bulky. He has really powerful legs, but he needs to be quicker and more agile.” There are a few contradictions in this statement, so my goal for today is to help you understand the difference between these two attributes and where they fit into the overall off-season training protocol.

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