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When Hiring A Strength Coach Is Out Of The Question…

When you have the drive and determination to become one of the players any coach is happy to have in the line-up, but you don’t have access to a qualified and proven hockey strength coach, what should you do? I know several of you are pondering this exact question right now as the off-season approaches […]

How Much Time On The Ice During The Summer?

  With NHL training camps opening last Thursday, naturally the media set out to find a story with the Leafs – why not pick on the best performing player Phil Kessel? When Phil said, ‘I skated 10 times maybe all summer’, Leaf Nation gasped.  I’m not gonna lie – I gasped a little bit too. […]

The Best Off-Ice Hockey Training Program

There isn’t really a ‘best’ off-ice hockey training program.  If there were, then everyone would do it and every hockey player would be awesome and hardly ever get injured.  Wouldn’t that be great. The best program is the one that you can actually get done.  Is it better to train for 90-minutes per day than […]