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The only two TABOO exercises at RevCon

As you may know, the goalies enrolled in the Turning Pro coaching program are able to come to Revolution Conditioning in London, ON and train for up to 3 days per year with our HockeyStrong training group. Last week I had two visiting goalies – Nick and Owen. It is always a treat to meet […]

What they said about hockey players

Just on the flight back to Toronto and then in to London from Denver after the NSCA Training For Hockey Clinic in Colorado Springs and I am pumped!! Not only was I pleased with how my lecture and practical session on off-ice training for goalies went.  I will admit to you – don’t tell okay? […]

Olympic Power For Hockey Goalies And Skaters #Rio2016

Well – – you might not be ready to take on the Olympic weightlifting in Rio this summer – that would be a pretty quick progression I guess, but you can get some of the power that those guys and gals have by adding this EOTW to the power phase of your off-season hockey training program. […]

Enhance Performance – Wind Down After A Game

How To Breathe Like A Pro It’s not a coincidence that our breathing quickens when we get excited or anxious – it is a physiological pattern that is engrained at our most basic operating level.  So it reasons that controlling our breathing can also help us control our over-excitement or anxiety. When we are in […]

Exactly How Forwards & D Should Train During The Hockey Season

Exactly how much to train during the hockey season… It can be tough to find the sweet spot for your in-season hockey training.  You have games, practices, perhaps team training sessions and the rest of your hectic life to deal with.  Some weeks you have lots of time to train, some weeks you struggle to […]

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