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How to get to Junior Hockey

What-up??  Did you get your hockey training in this weekend? How’s your day going so far? Paul and I have been enjoying our weekend at home – we hit the two markets in town and Costco in the morning and then cleaned out or ‘container’ cupboard. Restoring Harmony… Do you guys have a ‘container’ cupboard?  […]

Stop doing THIS exercise for your back (do this instead)

Moving Day… Interested to hear your thoughts on the big Luongo trade yesterday.  It must be a terrible feeling as a GM to know you have to move a guy at a financial loss.  I can’t help but wonder if this is the tip of the iceberg for the Canucks and if more deals will […]

The First Forward To Be Hockey Training Pro All-Star

September All-Star – First Skater! Michael Clarke – Forward – Peterborough Petes – Ontario Hockey League This month’s Hockey Training Pro All Star was pretty easy to choose, he is the first forward ever to get the honor.  He is one of our HockeyStrong athletes who does his off-ice training with us from May thru […]

Hockey Training Q&A – Achilles, Impingement, Supplemental Training

Wow, is it just me or is this week crawling by?  Things have been jammed in the gym but the week feels like it is going really slowly.  Probably because we are heading into the Canada Day long weekend. Today’s Hockey Training Q&A Before I get to training my clients for the day I also […]

The Politically Incorrect Truth About Your Hockey Training

Politically Incorrect Truth About Your Hockey Training I think the strength coaches and trainers who read this will be nodding their head and saying ‘yes, exactly!’  I think some of the players who read this will say ‘hmmmm, yeah, that makes sense’.  Some of you will say, ‘how dare she say such a thing!’  Sorry, […]

If you’re results aren’t what you need from your training.

I hate it when trainers try to convince you that all you need is the right workout, then nutrition experts try to convince you that all you need is the right supplement.  What you need is the right combination of both.  Or they debate what percentage of your training results are due to your workout […]

Q&A: Gym Memberships & Orthotics For Hockey Training

Hope you are all having a great Sunday.  Ours has been fantastic – we went snowboarding at the local ski hill this morning.  I switched back to ‘regular’ and it was much better than my ‘goofy foot’ experiment.  Thanks again Steve at Squire John’s in Collingwood for the advice 🙂  It was an awesome day […]